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Vapour Phase

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Vapour Phase | 31 August, 2007

We are currently looking at buying a vapour phase reflow batch oven.

We currently use an IR convection batch oven and want to know if there is any advantage in switching over to vapour phase?.

I've heard that tomb stoning is a common problem do the newer temperature profiled ovens solve this problem?.

We mainly produce low volume high density PCBs and as such an in-line machine would not be viable as it would be operating at a very low duty cycle (approx 2 to 4 panels/hr).

If someone has experience with these types of oven could you let me know any problems that can occur with them.

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Vapour Phase | 5 September, 2007

Ian, We currently have 2 inline vapor phase ovens and 1 batch oven. Tomb stoning is inherant with the Vapor phase systems but most can be stopped with a good profile. Most of our mechanical problems occur with the inline ovens during carrier transfere. We also have a problem with wiring terminals getting burnt up in the IR chamber and the VP heater panels.

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Vapour Phase | 6 September, 2007


Vapor phase is an incredibly process, apart from the tombstoning, that we just could never eliminate. So we had to dump it and go with convection.

It's a shame, as the solder joints were incredible!



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