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Siemens SiPlace 80S - help!

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Siemens SiPlace 80S - help! | 27 August, 2007

We bought a used Siemens (thus we have no factory support just yet...) and have run into a bit of a "catch 22" situation.

We got an "General Error :694 Incorrect nozzle length" and in the past this had to do with having a defective nozzle on the sleeve so we replaced the nozzle and retried. Same message, so we performed a full maintenance on the sleeves and the vaccuum plugs....Still no change.

However, in the process of the maintenance we think that we may have mixed up the nozzle configuration.

Our problem....we can't access the service menu to check the original configuration without completing the reference run. It can't complete the reference run without confirming the nozzle configuration.....I know I'm missing something incredibly obvious......

Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!!

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Siemens SiPlace 80S - help! | 27 August, 2007

Siemens has always offered me a good service - no matter if i bought the equipment used or not. They are not even expensive. Check their hotline for further information.

Hotline - direct link to SIPLACE

The hotline is your direct link to SIPLACE know-how when you have questions about operating and programming SIPLACE machines.You can also request service calls and order replacement parts over the hotline, which is staffed at regular business hours.

"Our free Information Hotline is available to answer any questions you may have about SIPLACE products and technology.

Europe: + 49-89-20800-48642

Americas: + 1-888-SMT-HELP

China: + 86-13601658385

SEA: + 65-64908822"

Otherwise, I'll bother our technician if we had a similar problem before...



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Siemens SiPlace 80S - help! | 27 August, 2007

When you switch on your machine,don't press the start button=>log on to the sitest.

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Siemens SiPlace 80S - help! | 27 August, 2007

Log on as adminstrator and go to the file. The list of nozzles is in there. Put all 0's in and you can reference with out any nozzles.

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Siemens SiPlace 80S - help! | 28 August, 2007

As in the previous reply, When the machine is powered up don't press the start button. Just wait until the software has loaded then go into Sitest (you may need to logon as SERVICE). In the gantry or head menu's you should find the nozzle configuration. The best way I find to get more info on this is to do a nozzle height check, this will give you the offsets for all nozzles. If it all looks OK you could have a problem with your Z-axis or the star zero point may be wrong

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