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Wave Solder Pallets - Lead Free

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Wave Solder Pallets - Lead Free | 21 August, 2007

A long time a go I designed Wave Solder Pallets for lead based solders, but having been out of that industry for a number of years I need to design some new pallets for lead free.

We used Titanium to support and mask areas of the board and that worked quite well. Where I need advice is:

1) Does the same technique work well with lead free (SN100C)? 2) What grade of Titanium is recommended? 3) Does anyone know where I can buy it in Mexico?

Thanks very much for any and all responses, Mike.

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Wave Solder Pallets - Lead Free | 21 August, 2007


Wave Solder Pallets - Lead Free | 22 August, 2007


I'll be using Glastic for the bulk of the pallet but I'm looking for opinions on using titanium for masking and support where the Glastic will not support the weight.

Thanks, Mike.

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Wave Solder Pallets - Lead Free | 23 August, 2007

Dave, that's good thread, but I think Mike is more concerned with the Titanium inserts that pallet manufacturers often use to overcome sh*tty designs - like the ones where they put a Through-hole 2mm away from a SMT pad. He's not so concerned about the pallet material itself (Duropol, Durastone, etc...) Titanium will allow a thin enough wall thickness to achieve masking the SMD's.

I don't see Titanium being an issue with Lead-Free. Titanium is a non-wettable metal to begin with, and any type of solder will not adhere to it. They do require a lot more maintenance from the solder balls that get stuck in the titanium pockets.

A couple of pallet mfgrs. whom I know do this type of stuff: Ascentec Engineering & Pentagon EMS. Try calling them to find out type of Titanium and compatability with lead-free.

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Wave Solder Pallets - Lead Free | 31 August, 2007

Glastic is cheaper than the custom composite materials normally used for pallets, but the few I have had fabbed started to degrade pretty quickly. Some pallet material is rated at 260 C continuous / 360 Max where the best Glastic I could find is rated at 210 Max.

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