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Pallet Maintenance



Pallet Maintenance | 27 February, 2001

I have been tasked with creating an operating procedure for SMT and Wave pallet maintenance. Wash how, wash how often, PM schedule, etc. Was wondering if anyone might have a procedure in place they could share. Thanks much for any help. Roger

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Pallet Maintenance | 5 March, 2001

Hi Roger,

Our customers use their Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaners for cleaning SMT and wave pallets. There are two primary protocols used. 1) If you have a large quantity of pallets and they are becoming contaminated rapidly, a dedicated stencil cleaner is used for the application. 2) If the pallets take approximately 5-7 days before requiring flux removal, then the same stencil cleaner used for cleaning solder paste can be used for cleaning pallets. When using the same Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaner for cleaning both stencils and pallets, either a Model 2003 Stencil Cleaner is used that has two wash tanks, one for cleaning stencils at ambient temperature and one for cleaning pallets at approximately 120 degrees F. The 2003 machine will cost more because it has two ultrasonic wash tanks. A single tank Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaner can be used if pallets only require cleaning every 5-7 days. The single tank would be used for cleaning solder paste at ambient temperature for 5-7 days then, when the wash water is ready to be changed, the solution can be heated to 120 degrees F. and the pallets may be cleaned. This is done just prior to changing the solution because once the pallets are cleaned, the wash water is "loaded" with flux and should not be reused for cleaning solder paste.

Remember, in any cleaning application, the chemistry is always the most important factor. The Smart Sonic Process uses 440-R SMT Detergent. This one chemistry will safely clean all solder pastes, flux residues and SMD adhesives. The process is certified safe and effective by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For more information, visit the Smart Sonic website: Or, call me at 1(818) 909-6400.

Regards, Bill Schreiber Smart Sonic Corporation

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Pallet Maintenance | 12 March, 2001

Roger, Rather than use this forum as a sales/marketing tool, in blatant disregard for the guidelines of the forum, I'll e-mail you some information that I hope will prove helpful, yet not "lock you in" to a specific chemistry. Dave

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Mike Konrad


Pallet Maintenance | 12 March, 2001

Here Here!

It's begining to look like!

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Pallet Maintenance | 13 March, 2001

Dear Dave and Mike,

I do not normally respond to threads of the forum. However, I do enjoy reading other's comments. There is a lot of valuable information provided by both suppliers and users.

You seem to be making light of Bill Schreiber's comments. However, as he is from Smart Sonic, it is only normal that he shares his experience from the Smart Sonic perspective. Just as an assembler would share their experience from an assembler's perspective. Suppliers are often more knowledgable on particular problems anyway because they see it more often and receive feedback from different users.

Bill's comments seem to be much more valuable than what you offered. If you have a solution, provide it. Don't keep it to yourself.

It would be inappropriate for him to respond under some alias. And it would be to nobody's benefit if people like Bill did not respond and share their experience.

Just my view...I could be wrong. Kerry

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Pallet Maintenance | 13 March, 2001

Hi Kerry,

I do not wish to turn this subject in to a debate, but consider this� If every technical question posted resulted in a commercial reply (company name, model number, phone number, price, features and benefits, etc), then there would be little room for real people sharing real experiences free of the biases of us sales types.

Several people have left this forum complaining that it is too commercial.

Sure, I could reply with our sales hype, but who would be served? I think the best response vendors can provide to questions like this is:

Pallet cleaner manufacturers include:

Aqueous Technologies (800) 218-8128 PMR (480) 829-8170 SmartSonic (818) 909-6400 EMC (215) 340-0650 JNJ Industries (508) 478-5290 Unit Design (714) 672-9944

My Thoughts, Mike

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Pallet Maintenance | 13 March, 2001

Hi Mike, I appreciate your views, but how does this relate to the original question? Roger asked "Wash how? Wash How often? amd PM? He didn't ask who. It seems that your response in a "yellow page" ad and not an answer to the question. At least Bill provided some valuable information (and the only information) in answer to Roger's question.

Regards, Kerry

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Pallet Maintenance | 13 March, 2001

Oh Well� Please forgive me� I must be in the minority as to how this forum is supposed to work!

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Pallet Maintenance | 13 March, 2001

Not necessarily. Maybe just a little over sensitive...?

I though Bill provided considerable insight relative to the process and the original question. There was a good answer in there. I also thought that he provided more specific SmartSonic info. than was necessary, and it detracted from the answer. JMHO, of course.

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Rob Fischer


Pallet Maintenance | 14 March, 2001

> Not necessarily. Maybe just a little over > sensitive...? > > I though Bill provided > considerable insight relative to the process and > the original question. There was a good answer in > there. I also thought that he provided more > specific SmartSonic info. than was necessary, and > it detracted from the answer. JMHO, of course.

Seems as if there are extremely different points of view. I have always taken the "list the competitors" point of view so often taken by my competitor Mike. If the approach that Bill takes is looked at as being acceptable to the forum users, the shape of the forum will change. Quickly. I, as a supplier the industry, try to learn from the real world problems discussed on the forum and contribute possible solutions where possible, even if I don't get the sale. Dictating solutions by brand instead of process just doesn't sit well with me. The issue at hand is cleaning pallets. I suggest looking at a tech data sheet for the material you are cleaning to review compatablity with chemistries. Water absorbtion should be listed. Call the supplier, they will know. A wet pallet splatters while a dry pallet won't. If there is hardware on the pallet make sure aluminum doesn't go into DI, they don't get along too well. Our composites suppliers recommend quick evaporatoing solvents to clean with. The type of cleaner you purchase would depend on the volume of pallets you have and the frequency in which you clean them. You can determine cycles per cleaning best by keeping track of a pallet and simply doing a visiual check. That would help you determine whether you get a batch or inline cleaner. Some companies sell both. Use Mike's list above to contact people who have cleaners and continue to use the forum and its archives for answers. The people who get most upset by answers like Bill's are vendors to the industry who try to adhere to the stated rules of the site and get frustrated by those who don't. Now, let me catch my breath...

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