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Tornado Infra Station (handheld)

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Tornado Infra Station (handheld) | 12 August, 2007

Good day!

Anybody have tried using the Tornado Infra Station as a rework station. There official site is This is a handheld rework station that is much cheaper, also using infrared technology on the heating elements and lead free compatible.

Hear from you soon.

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Tornado Infra Station (handheld) | 13 August, 2007

This sounds like sales-type teaser posting, but let's see what we get.

When comparing convection to IR BGA rework stations, IR stations perform poorly when: * Evaluation board has no power and ground planes. Worst case PWB as IR energy from bottom heaters pass through the board and does not spread heat as well as a PWB with power and ground planes. * Perimeter populated large 35 mm square BGA: Significant problems noted during rework. No solder spheres directly below black over-mold body. IR lamp power drops off radially from center.

From NASA / JPL study: "Rework Process Reliability of Area Array Surface Mount Packages" Atul Mehta

Lets hope their machine works better than the above study.

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Tornado Infra Station (handheld) | 25 August, 2007

tornado infra is garbage not a machine .. don't waste your money

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Tornado Infra Station (handheld) | 26 August, 2007

> tornado infra is garbage not a machine .. don't > waste your money

Have u tried using this machine? What have you noticed about this?

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Tornado Infra Station (handheld) | 1 September, 2007

This tornado infra is totaly crap-shit what de hell you doing here by this silly thing

if you dont know what Rework Stations is, I prefer to keep this -Tornado- the silly rotten piece of banana away from here.


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