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2512R Lead Free Solder Joint Reliability

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2512R Lead Free Solder Joint Reliability | 6 August, 2007

Hi Gents,

I heard people having concernes by using 2512R SMD resistors due to potential solder joint reliability defect(CTE mismach among ceramic/alumina+solder+PCB) when soldered by lead free alloys (SAC like).

Any experience/news about solder joint reliability of 2512R when soldered by Lead Free ?

Thank you

Best Regards...GSx

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2512R LF Solder Joint Reliability | 13 August, 2007

Test results indicated that the life of lead-free solder at a 2512 chip resistor could be worse than of SnPb solder in the accelerated thermal cycling condition. [Development of Life Prediction Model for Lead-free Solder at Chip Resistor, Changwoon Han and Byeongsuk Song; Reliability & Failure Analysis Center, Korea Electronics Technology Institute; 2006 Electronics Packaging Technology Conference p781-786]

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2512R Lead Free Solder Joint Reliability | 24 August, 2007

Thank you Davef,

by googling 2512 R (plus Lead Free) I found plenty of interesting informations about the subject. What I have seen 2512 R is one of the "hot" smd chip resistor used for several Reliability Test Vehicles or Trials.

Seen also availability of plenty of books treating the reliability of 2512R on L-F soldering. Luky who can buy those books.

Found interesting some one proposing to use 2512R High Power Resistor with Wide Terminlas type (the terminal are on chip longer sides instead of on the classic narrow side of chip). It seams they can offer longer life when submitted to thermal stress cycles (ie. - 40 to 125C�or worst).

see for example the ERJA1 shown in this link.

I think it is still early to clearly define if this type of chip size can really provide adeguate reliabilty when L-F soldered,on products that should withstand to harsh enviromental conditions.


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