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SMT Electrolytic Shorting

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SMT Electrolytic Shorting | 30 July, 2007

We're seeing shorting from the lead of an electrolytic cap to the can. It appears to be solder wicking up the lead, through the boot, and then shorting to the can. Has anyone else experienced this? It is a very cheap cap from China of course, but I'm sure the volume is very high.

We're using a 5 mil stencil with 10% aperture reduction on the recommended pad layout. I've even reduced the apertures 25% on the inside edges to try to cut this off, but it doesn't seem to fix it.

Has anyone else encountered this? It seems a component issue to me, but if you know of a processing fix, I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks John S.

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SMT Electrolytic Shorting | 2 August, 2007

Hi John,

If you are wicking very high o components, try speeding up your conveyor speed slightly. A few inches per minute will not change your profile much and may get rid of this problem.

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