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Nordau? | 26 July, 2007

I was looking through a solderability spec and ran across the term Nordau (Terminal finish - 90Sn/10Pb, Nordau, Matte Sn). I've never heard of this finish before, what is it?

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Nordau? | 27 July, 2007

I would call Continental. They will probably tell you its a misprint in their specs.

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Nordau? | 30 July, 2007

Just out of curiosity, how did you know it was a Continental spec?

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Nordau? | 31 July, 2007

Google is a wonderful thing. (except for the fact that they want Bill Gates dead and will be the ones to release the first eyeRobot, you know the one with the googly eyes, that will communicate on their newly purchased cellular network)

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