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detected swarf particles on minimelf

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detected swarf particles on minimelf | 25 June, 2007

A German college has reported finding swarf particles on minimelf. No one state side is familiar with the term swarf. We have heard of it concerning machining and surfacing but not in the electronics industry. Has anyone heard of swarf particles on minimelfs?

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detected swarf particles on minimelf | 26 June, 2007

You're correct. In the metal working industry, it's common to discuss swarf. For instance: Swarf is a mixture of small metal particles, cooling fluids, lubricants, and residuals from grinding media such as abrasive belts or stone wheels. Swarf is typically high in liquid content due to the amount of cooling/cutting fluids that are used in the grinding [sic or cutting] processes. [Recovery of a Recyclable Metal Alloy From High Speed Steel Grinding Swarf, Clean Washington Center, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)]

Sometimes swarf is more limited: fine metallic filings or shavings removed by a cutting tool. Maybe your academics are using 'swarf' to mean solder fines when translating from the German.


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