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Opportunity | 20 June, 2007


I have a question for electronic manufacturers. I would like to know in which cases a solderability test for component leads should be done? Should it be done for all kind of parts or only for those bought from brokers? Also, how often the test should be done?

Thank you


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Opportunity | 20 June, 2007


I guess it would depend on criticality and volume.

We do mostly low volume builds here, and the only time I do a solderability test is when we encounter an issue during production. That process works for us, considering the volume of the builds.

If I were building higher volume/more automated assemblies...I might see things differently. I'd assess the risk based on the datecode of the parts, the broker in question, and the uptime needs of my production line. If I start getting some repeating failures...I'd probably go to a pre-production test on a per-lot basis.

Cheers ..rob

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Opportunity | 20 June, 2007

Hi D,

99% of the time we get brokered parts, the big problem is co-planerity. Havn't seen a solderablity issue yet, but....

For solderability I guess it would depend on the part. 30 pieces is the general rule for SPC, so maybe start there? We get hundreds of parts a day and we never test solderability. Not sure if this is a big problem and we just get lucky or what.

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Opportunity | 20 June, 2007

J-STD-001, 5.4 Solderability Maintenance states words to the effect "The manufacturer shall ensure that all components [bla bla bla] are solderable at the start of hand and/or machine soldering operations."

So, how many you contractor cats 'n kitties shine-up your customers 'bout being so wicked J-STD-001 compliant? Ooops, never mind.

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Opportunity | 22 June, 2007

uhm.... we're not doing this solderability test that often... it's more likely of a run-to-failure, lolz.. anyway, i think this should be quality department's problem since they do the production monitoring (In- line QC), Material sampling and gating. anybody who thinks the way i do, raise your hands!

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