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Author authentic | 17 June, 2007

Hi, I understand the need for an authentic verification of a real person posting a thread, but why must one verify it on every posting? Is it not enough to verify ones member e-mail; once and for all? The most irritating is that if I misprint the "two words" I must start my thread all over again. Maybe I misunderstand how it works and in such case, just disregard this posting. /Sincerly

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Author authentic | 17 June, 2007

We agree. Further, Captcha is not very effective in limiting the ability of computers to replicate the entry code. But the good news is that the verification software that is effective in preventing computer scanning is doubally difficult for humans to use.

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Author authentic | 21 June, 2007

Thanks for your input! Your ideas always help. The plan is to remove Captcha as part of the posting process for those members who have participated frequently. This will be in place next week.

BTW, Dave can you give me any more info on Captcha not being affective? We know the old Captcha could be read by OCR readers but now that does not seem to be the case. See the right side of the following page: . "Early CAPTCHAs such as these, generated by the EZ-Gimpy program, were used on Yahoo. However, technology was developed to read this type of CAPTCHA"


"A modern CAPTCHA. Rather than attempting to create a distorted background and high levels of warping on the text, this CAPTCHA focuses on making segmentation difficult by adding an angled line".

Again, thanks for your input and patience in these matters.

BTW, we will be implementing the ability for you to upload images into the forum in the very near future too.


Roland Girouard 207-780-0887

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Author authentic | 23 June, 2007

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