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Dishwasher | 13 June, 2007

Hi All,

I have heard mention that you can use a dishwasher to wash Boards .

Are these standard use at home washers ?

If anyone has the time can they please advise more i.e. what water / cleaning agent is used etc.


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Dishwasher | 13 June, 2007

Most often, when people talk about a dishwasher, here on SMTnet, they're talking about a batch cleaner, not a dishwasher from Sears, or someplace like that. For limited applications, a home use dishwasher will do a perfectly adequate job of cleaning your boards. For more look here:

There's lots of good reasons to use cleaning equipment designer for circuit boards. Here are some people to talk to: * Aqueous Technologies - * Austin American Technology - * EMC Global Technologies - * Unit Design -

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Dishwasher | 13 June, 2007

We use an older industrial dish washer to clean our boards, and it works out pretty well. Economical, at least. I'd like to upgrade to an in-line, but it's not in the budget, yet.

We've got ours piped with de-ionized water, and a hot water heater that keeps the water incredibly hot (I haven't measured it, but it's hot enough to burn skin).

Dave's got some good suggestions for batch washers. You'd do better to look'll end up with better board coverage in cleaning in a machine designed for that, rather than a machine that was designed to only wash dishes.

cheers ..rob

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