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Keypad membrane switch for PCB??

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Keypad membrane switch for PCB?? | 8 June, 2007

Hi all. First off thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you may give. What I need help with is making a 4x4 keypad overlay work again. I have the overlay and the PCB, all I need now is a device that connects to the PCB that senses the push of the key. I looked at membrane switches but they all seem to come in a certain size that you can not change or cut. Ideally what I need are individual sensors that I can put under each key so I can space them just right. It doesn't even have to be a membrane switch, just some kind of sensor I can put under each individual key in my overlay that I can connect to the PCB. Any one who can point me to a place where I could buy what I need or even just suggest what I need I would greatly appreciate it. Again, thank you in advanced.

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Keypad membrane switch for PCB?? | 9 June, 2007

A keypad overlay is used to adapt one basic keypad design to a variety of applications. The overlay is positioned on top of the key board to match functions on the overlay with buttons on the keypad. The user selects a function on the by pressing the overlay, which mechanically contacts a button on the keypad. The button on the keypad contacts the circuit board below it, completing a ciruit.

Consider asking your overlay supplier for information on recommended keypads that work with the overlay you plan to use.

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