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Batch Cleaners

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Batch Cleaners | 5 June, 2007

What the rub on all of the different batch cleaner manufacturers? I haven't been impressed with Unit Design or Aqueous Tech.

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Batch Cleaners | 5 June, 2007

Have you looked at AAT? They have some pretty good batch cleaners

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Batch Cleaners | 6 June, 2007

What are the issues that concern you about Unit Design and Aqueous Technology?

For other supplier recommedations, look for the 'usual suspects' here:

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Batch Cleaners | 19 June, 2007

I wasn't fond of the help ticket approach to tech support that Aqueous Tech. uses. Our buyer reports a lot of "communication issues" (as they don't seem to be very responsive).

I could burn Unit Design until they call in the fire trucks. I'll just say that we had a lot of problems with them, but once it was all said and done, the machine worked well and their main Engineer is a pleasant and knowledgeable fellow.

Thanks for the link! --- Now does anyone want to loan me ~$20K

On a related matter, I've always worked with batch cleaners. The concepts driving the in line defluxing systems seem solid, but I hear that they are expensive and prone to leaks. Any substantive advice from the SMT community?


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