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Small Batch PCBA Cleaning

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Small Batch PCBA Cleaning | 30 May, 2007

I'm trying to find a solution that will clean our PCBAs that will meet the following criteria:

1. Low cost 2. Enable us to clean 25 - 100 PCBAs per day 3. Leave boards clean, including residue removal 4. Preferably environmental friendly 5. should be able to handle PCBs ~12" max edge width

We use RMA flux right now (SN63PB37, rosin core).

We've tried cleaning by hand with Vigon EFM and / or RC101. EFM left lots of thin residue on the assembly. RC101 couldn't clean off thick flux deposits. I tried a dual process and the results were better, but I had to spend way to much time cleaning and often had to cycle it more than once.

I'm envisioning an inexpensive aqueous batch cleaner - we do have easy access to DI water.

Can anyone help with any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Small Batch PCBA Cleaning | 31 May, 2007

The �usual suspects�

Aqueous Technologies

Austin American Technology

EMC Global Technologies

Unit Design

All of the above companies manufacture �batch� format automatic defluxing systems.

Mike Konrad Aqueous Technologies

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