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3D xray

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3D xray | 30 May, 2007

Pretty much everybody does functional or system test at the end of a printed board assembly line. In-circuit or MDA test hits most complex boards. But, 3D xray is being pushed by Agilent, Teradyne, and TRI. No fixtures and a high call rate for solder defects. But, there is a debate over xray being part of the test department or the process engineering.

Where do you put it?????

Troy Boesch

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3D xray | 30 May, 2007

I have heard this question before.

My thoughts are:

If it is inline and being used to monitor the assembly line as boards are produced it would be process related either engineering or Quality assurance /control. I do not think it would be process engineering however. That should be done before the product is being built? It could and should be used to monitor a process though which is its greatest asset and intent I believe.

If it is off line and used for the acceptance of a finished product after the fact then I would say test dept.

Do they say to use the Xray instead of a test? I would hope not.

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3D xray | 31 May, 2007

ICT and AXI are two different methods for MDA. ICT checks component values and polarity- component and circuit electrical testing while AXI checks solder joints- volume, voids, bridging, etc.... Typically, AXI is in the SMT process engineering and QA engineering realm at a majority of users, not handled by test engineering group. You cannot subsitute one for the other because they check two very different things on a circuit board assembly.

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