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N2 analyser - reflow oven

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N2 analyser - reflow oven | 29 May, 2007


i'm looking for an analyzer - possibly universal one that can be installed externally (we have two types of ovens and decide which one to choose for it)

can You propose a solution - where to look and what could be the price?

best regards

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N2 analyser - reflow oven | 29 May, 2007

Most N2 feed rate control is done through O2 monitoring. Google => oxygen sensor instrumentation

Amoung the oxygen monitor suppliers that tailor themselves to reflow machines are: * MapCheck 9000 Process Oxygen Monitor [Topac; 231 CJC Hwy, Suite 103 Cohasset MA 02025; 781-740-8778 F781-740-8779] * Oxygen and Nitrogen control system Model 9500 [Systech Instruments; 17 Thame Park Business Centre, Wenman Rd, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3XA UK; +44 (0)1844 216838]

Often, equipment suppliers rig soldering machines that are intended to use N2 differently than other machines to help minimize N2 consumption.

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