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Assembleon FCM Base II Cermamic - need info.

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Assembleon FCM Base II Cermamic - need info. | 21 May, 2007


I am looking for any information regarding Assembleon's FCM Base II coordinate system. While some of my problems are due to inexperience and ignorance, I have read every manual, technical bulletin, and online message available to me, and I still cannot generate a correct action specification via PPS Pro Version 8.1.

I recently left my electrical test position and assumed SMT process support responsibilities. Currently, I support solder/flux print and component placement. Of component placement machines, I support FCM Base II Ceramic and Universal GSM and Genesis.

I am petitioning for some training, and I hope to receive some later this year. Until then, I welcome any inputs. Thanks!

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Assembleon FCM Base II Cermamic - need info. | 31 May, 2007

Hi John,

You can write to me offline at and write the exact problem that you face after you have generated the action spec using PPS Pro 8.1. What is the problem that you're facing.

The coordinate system is taken care of by the PPS. Do you see the correct picture of the board in the MDF file made by the PPS? IF so, the action spec generated should work on the machine. Of course you need to perform BVM Calibration and CLC on the machine before running production.

Please let me know if you need any support.

Regards Vinit

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