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BGA Clearance

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BGA Clearance | 18 May, 2007

We're starting to get into BGAs at my company. I have worked with BGA with another company, but that was nearly 10 years ago now.

One thing I haven't found is the required clearance around BGA components. Is there a standard for this distance? What typical clearances are used to allow for rework and inspection?

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BGA Clearance | 18 May, 2007

Hi Ed,

It all depends on your BGA, your placement eqmt, your inspection method and your rework station.

I would keep pasrts 0.050" away fromt eh part if possble. I would X-Ray inspect the part, so parts being close really wouldn't be a factor. For rework, most use a square nozzle to heat the BGA, so reflowing the parts around it is normal, but the the 0.050" minimum should work just fine.

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