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My-Data TP9-UFP info please!!!

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My-Data TP9-UFP info please!!! | 27 April, 2007

We are looking at obtaining a TP9-UFP and I have never worked on mydata before. Most of my experience is on Philips and QUAD. Opinions on practicallity for low volume high mix application? What is the actual CPH? I see it is rated at 6000cph, but in actuallity what type of CPH could I get from it? thx

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My-Data TP9-UFP info please!!! | 27 April, 2007


They are a nice machine, and very low cost. We had one, and it was not fast, but it did a nice job. It only places one component at a time, however it was accurate on the 0805 components we used on it at the time. However I don't know how it would go on smaller components common today such as 0402.

If you can get a MY series machine as it's more upgradable, however if budgets are tight, a TP machine is a good start.


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My-Data TP9-UFP info please!!! | 30 April, 2007

We're running an older TP9-U, and clocking in somewhere around 3000 cph, realistically.

Placements, however, are very accurate. Works fine down to 0402's, high-pin count QFPs, etc. My -U doesn't do great on optical works, but it's a pain to program, set...and it slows the placements down immensely...however, I am able to place BGA's accurately. One note, the older TPSYS software doesn't have as many BGA options as the newer, if you're into funky pin-counts (incomlete rows/columns of balls), there's some pain in the programming of BGA's to use optical centering. Still works, just more painful to set up.

cheers ..rob

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