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SMT MACHINES | 25 April, 2007

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inteligent feeder and mechanical feeders.

Could you please through some light on this.

Regards, Krishnakumar

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SMT MACHINES | 25 April, 2007

Good afternoon,

The only one intelligent feeder disadvantage is higher price. Pros are:

- Feeds components smoothly without jerks; - Adjustable pitch, no need to adjust feeder mechanic to change pitch, selects pitch automatically according to placement program; - Cover tape break sensor; - Counts the rest of components in reel; - More reliable; - Many of them have automatic calibration procedure;

BR, Pavel

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SMT MACHINES | 25 April, 2007

I've also found that mechanical feeders require much more maintenance than the 'smart' magazines do.

Also remember that 'smart' magazines also give you the opportunity to change the setup quickly if necessary, and swap feeders if all can't fit on the machine at one time.

With all of that said, you must also think of the software that the machine runs. When using a basic mechanical feeder system, that more than likely means that the machine says where the feeder has to be. When machines offer the smart concept, then it gives the operator and programmer alike more opportunity to fine tune the process.

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SMT MACHINES | 25 April, 2007

The price difference is well worth it. If you are buing a new machine, spend the money on the feeders. Most of the time a machine stops its because of a feeder. Im not sure whos feeders you are refering to and there are differences but I can tell you Universal's Precision Pro feeders work great.

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