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HSP 4791 Problem

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HSP 4791 Problem | 17 April, 2007

I have a problem with a 4791 ship shooter.

In production, I'm getting PSH 10 alarm witch is the sensor detecting the slit on the nozzle changer motor. It's happening randomly, never with the same head.

Sensor is good and I checked the alignment of the slit related to the motor zero, OK

Any idea ?

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HSP 4791 Problem | 21 April, 2007

Hi, Go for a very "slow down" turrent speed of 50 % and then see what is happening? It sounds that You could face a timing belt problem. I have seen this before. Another thing on this machine is whenever a slitghest misalignment between the the different belts and drive shafts (timing and there are many), you will end up with the most crazy errors and yet, the machine will still produce... We don't have them anymore, but unbelievable good machines from Sanyo with a UIC mark! /

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HSP 4791 Problem | 21 April, 2007

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