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Piling/Stacking finished PCBs .......Sigh........

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Piling/Stacking finished PCBs .......Sigh........ | 4 April, 2007

Ok so.... I have a boss who thinks there is nothing wrong with stacking completed boards smt&thru in totes and submitting them to QA like this. I mean piled upon one another in a tote. Now... it has fallen on me to try to explain in a convincing manner what common sense would normally supply. I need all of you nice peoples help to give me a few good convincing "technical" reasons not to do this. I already got : 1. If a customer saw that what would they think? 2. It greatly increases the risk for damaged assemblies including scratched masking & bent fine pitch leads.

I was wondering if this was actually an ESD violation? If by chance a board had a static charge and it was placed on top of another board that was placed on top of another board than the charge could be dissapated thru all these boards on its way to ground correct? Puts other boards in jeopardy or no?

His arguement is that the boards needed to ship and he didnt see the logic in placing each individual board (1x1 inches)neatly on racks since he was trying to expedite. I on the other hand understand the reason we have PROCESSES and are required to follow them. I just need better reasons than it looks messy increases defect probability. Sigh......... Thanks all. B

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Piling/Stacking finished PCBs .......Sigh........ | 5 April, 2007

i just did a report on damaged boards from this kind of treatment. Components get rubbed off - sometimes the component just breaks, but often they take pad and track with them.

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Piling/Stacking finished PCBs .......Sigh........ | 5 April, 2007

"I just need better reasons than it [...] increases defect probability."

If that's not enough, you have bigger problems. Have you seen any rework/repair that was generated by this handling gem?

Does your company profess to build to IPC specifications? If so, look at IPC-610 provisions for violations in products that you happen to have lieing around. If you don't see any watch like a hawk until you do.

Or, start raking the boards with screwdrivers to get your point across.

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Piling/Stacking finished PCBs .......Sigh........ | 5 April, 2007

I have seen these types of defects, but the finger has been pointed at the end of the oven in SMT. Which is also very possible. I like the screwdriver idea. Thanks, B

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