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Smema communication

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Smema communication | 23 March, 2007

Hi all,

Could anybody provide me with some circuit diagram that can be used to implement downstream/upstream communication among two smt machines?

Thanks in advanced


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Smema communication | 23 March, 2007

It's going to depend on what manufacturer and how old the equipment you are dealing with.

It's not as standard as you might think or hope.

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Smema communication | 24 March, 2007

The 2 machines of yours; are they fully SMEMA compatible? There are plenty of information about SMEMA in this forum. Just do a search. Here is the link to the SMEMA standard IPC-SMEMA-9851 Mechanical Equipment. You will find the electrical drawings there: chapter 4. There is also converters available between SMEMA > Fully SMPI (there are 2 kinds of SMPI and Universal used them both in the past). Converter cables between SMPI > Fully SMPI Converter cables between FUJI > Panasonic Converter cables between FUJI > SMEMA Converters between almost any machine interface on the market is available. You can most likely buy them through some of the main SMT-manufactorie representatives. BTW, what machines are we talking about? /Sincererly

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