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90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls

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90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls | 23 March, 2007

Does anyone know where to purchase 90/10 & Lead Free solder balls and kits for BGA Reballing? I'm having service problems with my current vendor who decided that they no longer wish to sell 90/10 balls, can't take in an order without a quote, and can't seem to reply to my request for a quote. Go figure. Guess they don't need my business. Maybe you know someone who does?

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90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls | 24 March, 2007

It's possible that 90/10 is being replaced by LF in many ball suppliers' [Alpha Metals, Kester, AIM] inventories.

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90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls | 26 March, 2007

Dennis: Have you considered Asahi as a solder ball source? Asahi Technologies has helped produce over 90 million Lead Free PWB assemblies worldwide and has extensive experience in Lead Free solder processes at Sony, Hitachi, and Thompson. Solutions include easy to use drop-in low working temperature Viromet, and economical SCS7 Lead Free Solder.

SCS7 (SnCuSi) solder has excellent solderability and product reliability compared to SnPb and SnCu based alloys ( mechanical properties, low copper dissolution rate, low drossing rate, low pot corrosion rate) and is very cost competitive. It uses an elevated temp profile similar to 90/10.

Viromet 347 and 349 (SnCuAgIn) solder is a low temperature enhanced SnAgCu solder specially formulated as a drop-in replacement for conventional leaded solder focused on manufacturers of high-end products.

(Available in lead free solder ball, paste, and bar forms)

Please contact me with your specifics.


Robert Hoffman High Reliability Systems LLC Ohio Valley Representative Asahi Technologies email

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90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls | 26 March, 2007

WaveroomPlus can offer the following Sn95.5 Ag3 Cu0.7 Sn95.5 Ag4 Cu0.5 Sn96.5 Ag3.0 Cu0.5 Sn97 Ag2.5 Cu0.5

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