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Melf components

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Melf components | 22 March, 2007

Hi, Can somebody tell if for melf components the x and z sizes are the same? Normally they are, but the machine's vision system sees only 60-70% of the x size due to light dispersion. The Z dimension has to be the one measured with a vernier caliper? Regards

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Melf components | 23 March, 2007

Melf dimensions are: *


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Phil J


Melf components | 23 March, 2007

Stefan The Z hight required for a MELF will depend on the design of nozzle used on your machine. If it has a "V" tip you should measure the hight of the component on a nozzle then subtract the nozzle hight.

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Melf components | 24 March, 2007

if you have a regular nozzle, Z dimension is the same than Y because is a cilinder.

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Melf components | 26 March, 2007

Melf components are tube shaped so the X and Z values are the same. If you use 3D X-ray you can tell if the joint is attached to the board properly and you will not need the Z-dimension information. This might be a better longterm solution than using a caliper. It is difficult to tell from your question if that is an appropriate answer�

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