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Samsung SM320 vs Mydata MY12E

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Samsung SM320 vs Mydata MY12E | 21 March, 2007

I am currently looking at new pick and place equipment and have come down to these two machines. I am interested on hearing from users of both, the pros and cons of their choice. I am a low volume high mix OEM upgrading from Quad QSX-1 and am interested specifically in increased placement speeds, placement accuracy and repeatability, working with 0402 components, BGA and matrix tray handling, changeover speed, and program repeatability.


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Samsung SM320 vs Mydata MY12E | 22 March, 2007

You shouldn't have any problem with the SM320 doing what you're asking above. In fact I think it will do it quite better. We have a two machine TP-11 Hydra line and a two machine SM320 line and I can tell you one SM320 can get the job done better.

-Your placement speed will definately increase by a mass amount -Accuracy is much better and repeatable -0402 shouldn't an issue, we have done 0201 fine -BGA is the easiest to program ever on this machine, its like a childs play. -The program remains the same every time and there shouldn't be any repeatability issues. Also to mention that all you need is an X, Y file and you can get a program pretty quick. -change over speed is pretty quick if you take the time to setup the carts ahead.

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Samsung SM320 vs Mydata MY12E | 26 March, 2007


Yeah, this is why we moved from MYDATA, as we could not get accurate 0402, as it seemed the vision system was not good enough. They might have upgraded this since then, but I would not recommend MYDATA for 0402 or below.


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Samsung SM320 vs Mydata MY12E | 27 March, 2007

Good Morning,

We have 5 My machines. We process 0402's daily and have not seen any accuracy issues. We are also processing 0201's, 01005's (although not often thank God!), Micro BGA's, CSP's, etc...

Definately not the fastest machines but very flexible. We do all of our magazine setups offline so the changeover is 15-20 minutes. We try to have 1 job staged in advance so that when a job is complete, a changeover team sets up the line for the next job.

Good Luck


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