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Philips CSM84V

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Philips CSM84V | 20 March, 2007

Can it handle 0402 ?

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Philips CSM84V | 20 March, 2007

Yes, but you can expect a 20%+ pickup failure rate.

Chuck-based alignment was so 1990's....


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Philips CSM84V | 21 March, 2007

You need to use the H nozzle and 4 small jaws (1005). Have the slot in the jaws machined towards the rear of the jaw to increase reach. Set up and calibrate that head with that chucking assembly. Always use the same chucking assembly on the same head as different chucking assemblies on the same head may need a different head offset in the system files. Simply calibrate each assembly on each head and record the different head offsets for each assembly. When you change assemblies change the head offset to suit. You may need to change the centring height. Your 0402 head will also do most 0805 but that's about it. Teach each pickup position. Your main problem will be feeder jams with capacitors. That version of feeders does not feed 0402 capacitors well due to the paper tape thickness. Resistors are not a problem. You may be able to get 0402 caps in embossed tape but I haven't seen them. Vacuum setting is critical. Clean the nozzle every two hours and watch the vacuum indicators carefully at least every hour, otherwise you will have missing components. If your vacuum pots are worn - replace them.

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Philips CSM84V | 21 March, 2007

I did convert YM 84V for 0402, base on my expperience , this approach is not really good.This model were not really meant for 0402 placement.

Nozzle H ID is really small and prone to clogging, therefore cleaning every 2 hours is a necessity( not idea for manufacturing.In addtion to Darby's advise you need to lower chucking speed or else 0402 components will keep on flying or breaking.

I have an idea of using the vision but I did not push with the idea because vision capability limitation of the machine.

Should you wish to push through, pls keep on eye on Vacuum level , or else you would have a lot of missing components.


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Philips CSM84V | 21 August, 2007

Hi, Does anyone have Philips CSM84V or VZ for sale? we are in need of 2 units.

Thanks. Bob

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