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JUKI FX-1R | 16 March, 2007

I noticed a difference in the specifications from the Japan web site to the US site. IPC9850 Speed in Japan is 25,000. US is 27,000. Accuracy in Japan is stated at 50 microns at 3 sigma. US is stated at 40 microns at 3 sigma. 01005 capability is different as well. US says yes standard. Japan spec says no. I would guess the Japan site is right as the machines are made there. DRT

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JUKI FX-1R | 23 March, 2007

Where did you get the US specs from?

This is an observation from our visit to Juki in the US for our demo before we bought our newest machines.

The FX-1 was the first generation machine, and it was rated at 25K-IPC. The FX-1R added new hardware, more software features and different production routines. This allows the FX-1R faster production over the FX-1 machine. The factory did not re-rate the FX-1R. They simply used the old spec. In the US they ran actual IPC boards on FX-1R at our demo and I saw the machine running just below 27K on the IPC board.

When I look in my FX-1R manual, it states 50 micron accuracy.

As for 01005, I was told during our demo that 01005 support will be a free upgrade when it is available from the factory. If the US division wants to give it away, while other divisions are selling it, then good. That means I get a free upgrade.

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