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IP3 motion video

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IP3 motion video | 15 March, 2007

I was wondering if anyone out there knows where I may find a video of a IP3 in motion. I am looking into the used market for IP3 and want to show management. I have asked Fuji and they have come up empty handed as they only show there latest and greatest machines. Please feel free to email me if you wish

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IP3 motion video | 15 March, 2007


We have an IP3 that I can videotape for you when we get all the components in for our next job (probably around 3/21/07). The only thing that will be missing is the tray feeder operation, as this job does not use any components from a tray.


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IP3 motion video | 15 March, 2007

That will work fine ... thanks

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IP3 motion video | 16 March, 2007

I would love to see your video also, to compare to our IP-1 operation. Any chance you could post the video so we can download it?

Also, I have a video of the IP-1 placing parts from the front feeders, rear trays, changing nozzles, etc. if anyone wants a copy I can probable post it for download on one of our websites.



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IP3 motion video | 17 March, 2007


Post an ftp site to upload to and I'll send what I have.

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IP3 motion video | 20 March, 2007

Do not have a ftp site for this. Can you post youtube or myspace?

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