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Scratched Flex

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Scratched Flex | 15 March, 2007

Hi All! There were a few rigid flex assemblies brought to me this morning with some scratches in the coverlay of the flex. They are pretty minor, but they do go down into some traces a bit. I don't think the traces are really signal traces, but are part shielding pattern on the outside of the flex. Check-out:

My question is; is this a defect that has to be repaired, and if so, what should I use to repair the scratches with?

Normally I would use soldermask on a rigid board if the scratches didn't reduce the trace cross-section beyond limits, but these traces aren't signal traces, and this isn't on the rigid board. I think this happened during the de-masking operation after conformal coating... Thanks! -Steve Gregory-

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Scratched Flex | 15 March, 2007


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Scratched Flex | 23 March, 2007

Kapton tape?

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