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SCS7 - Wave Solder

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SCS7 - Wave Solder | 6 March, 2007

Anyone using SCS7 from Asahi at the moment? How is its solderability and performance compared to others? The price is very attractive, and I would like to know more....

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SCS7 - Wave Solder | 7 March, 2007

Our company have been using SCS7 for all our wave soldering lines for more than 1 1/2 years. So far so good, and of course price is cheaper than others.

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SCS7 - Wave Solder | 7 March, 2007

There sure have been a lot of advocates for Asahi surfacing today.

Call me suspicious, but this might be a good time to suggest IP tracing on the new forum hosting system.

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SCS7 - Wave Solder | 8 March, 2007

We are currently using the solder on our waves, and our boards are for TV applications. Tested the solder before we mass prod, eg. 3000 cycles reliability test.

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SCS7 - Wave Solder | 9 March, 2007

and suprisingly none are registered users......

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