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cpk value

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cpk value | 5 March, 2007

Dear all, i want to know what is the highest achieveable CPk value of Panasonic Panasert model NM-2858/NM-2859. Thanks

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cpk value | 5 March, 2007

Something the "placement guys" don't tell the customers...

Cpk is an easily "massagable" number. You just take some data points and reduce the variation a bit, or even play around with your spec limits, or a combination of the two to get the highest number that you can possibly have. Anything over 1.33 is considered "good".

A guy from the placement company (that I won't name of course) told me this in a drunken stupor...

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cpk value | 9 March, 2007

Simple question...

Not so simple answer.

It depends largely on process spec and honesty of the people running the test. Most will jump to throw out the flyers as "special cause".

So if you didn't set the spec and didn't witness the run and measurement anyone can pretty much tell you anything.

Solder or adhesive deposits will cause more problems.

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