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Humiseal HT-500 Masking Tape Replacements

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Humiseal HT-500 Masking Tape Replacements | 1 March, 2007

Just learned today that Humiseal will no longer be producing their HT-500 masking tapes or dots. Bummer, because their tape worked very well and left no residues even after baking.

They say it was becoming so hard to get the raw material for their tape. I asked if they knew of any replacement tapes that performed as well as theirs, and they said if they did, they would be buying it.

Question to you all is; "Do any of you know of good replacement tape for the Humiseal HT-500 tape? That would perform just as well?

-Steve Gregory-

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Humiseal HT-500 Masking Tape Replacements | 5 March, 2007

Humiseal * HT500 HumiTape silicone free (Kapton tape isn't) * HT600 HumiTape [ESD safe version]

Try: Shercon [10425 Slusher Dr, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670; 800-228-3218 F800-955-8988 562-946-8555 F562-946-1015] "Conformal Coat" tape

We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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Rob Cass


Humiseal HT-500 Masking Tape Replacements | 6 March, 2007

I actually bought this tape directly from a disrupter of Saint-Gobain series M797. It was placed on 6" x 9" sheets to have unique conformal coating masking cut outs made. Took some effort to get the process worked out but all is well now.

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Humiseal HT-500 Masking Tape Replacements | 16 March, 2007

From various research I also found the HT500 series was/is being manufactured by Saint Gobain (part number M797). The product is still available through various distributors, though I imagine the quality issues will still be present. The quality issues were the main reason Humiseal dropped the tape in the first place.

I am still searching for alternatives. The closest I have found to date is PPI-289 from PPI Adhesives. The only concern I have is that it's soluble in Toluene. I am still awaiting samples for testing.

Who knows... I still may end up using the Saint Gobain part through a different distributor.

Good Luck

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