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PCB TEST | 25 February, 2007

Is it possible to test and repair PCBs without any data like GERBER/ SCHEMATICS etc.,?

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PCB TEST | 26 February, 2007

Good afternoon,

Quite strange question. PCB manufacturer might use gerber for netlist extraction which is necessary for PCB testing. I don�t think PCB manufacturer would work without gerber. Electric scheme is necessary for electrical testing and repair. Why are you asking this? :)

BR, Pavel

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PCB TEST | 27 February, 2007

We are into PCB testing and one of our customers has expensive foreign equipments whose warranty period has expired. He is looking to have them repaired locally. We found most of the problems are with the PCBs.

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PCB TEST | 27 February, 2007

I came across a place in Israel that guaranteed their work (we didn't have schematics either), but they were a little pricey for us. Let me know if you're interested. I think they started at about $2500.

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