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High output line advice

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High output line advice | 19 February, 2007

We would need to set up a line capable of placing ca. 70 million of components/year (preferably in one shift). It will be single product, so changeover is of no importance. Also, there's no need for extreme precision. I would prefer two separate lines, in case that one goes down the other continues with production. Any suggestions on p&p machine selection?

- Jack

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High output line advice | 19 February, 2007

I think you kind of answered your own question. If your maintenance is so bad that your line goes down, or you cannot afford to have downtime, you should be mainly concerned on a P&P comapany that can stand behind you and give you immediate response time to problems and spare parts. Otherwise, most of the name brands in the archives will work for you.

(I say this thread will go on for 8 months)

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High output line advice | 20 February, 2007

A couple of Fuji 842E Chipshooters if you are buying new, they will eat this kind of work, major service every 3 years on a single shift, and you can leave them to your kids.

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High output line advice | 20 February, 2007

According to my assumptions you're looking for a 40kCph line. (300 days of 8hrs at 75% efficiency) What's the parts mix? I would say (and these are my favourites) Assembl´┐Żon AX-5 with 10 wide robots. This will give you 50k output with the ability to place IC's. In case a robot goes down you'll still have 45k output left, instead of only half. Maintenance is close to nothing and if you need'em their engineers are at your back and call.

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High output line advice | 20 February, 2007

Hi Mario Good Day!!!

in this market you can get machine which suits your capacity but the key points are 1) do you have engineers in the line working together with maintenance group as well as with machine operators. 2) do you have standby spare parts 3) how fast your maintenance and engineer can up the machine for various kind of problems. Proactiveness is important

rgd vshan

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