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GSM VME upgrade options?

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GSM VME upgrade options? | 17 February, 2007

Hi All,

We have a handfull of GSM's here and some are newer than others. I was wondering what the options are as far as upgrades to the VME chasis. We have our oldest running with EPC-4, EPC-5, EPC5A and so on....

Can newer EPC units be used in these older VME chassis? i.e. can I put an EPC-7 unit into a VME with an EPC-4?

Just trying to gather information at this point.


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GSM VME upgrade options? | 20 February, 2007

It depends on what VME box build it is. Rev. C, D, E etc. There are upgrade kits for the complete VME chassi and it includes some re-wiring also. For this You must contact UIC and provide them with the machine, current Os-system, UPS s/w ver. and machine configuration. They will tell you exactly what is possible to do and what is needed for doing it. I don't recommend that you buy the new cards and try to do it by yourself. It could turn out to be very expensive experiance for you... You will probably need to upgrade the vision system to a Lantern as well. The old vision system was located in a big box on the lower rear of the machine. The new one is located in the VME-chassi. I think that the newer s/w doesn't support the old one. But as I said, get in touch with UIC.

We have done this in the past on a couple of machines and it req. a complete new VME-chassi upgrade on one machine because that old one could not handle the new cards nor the newer UPS ver. /

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