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Forum Spam | 8 February, 2007

SMTnet is looking for your input on a problem that has started to become serious... You may have noticed that the forum has had some spam posted... in the past serveral weeks in fact several hundred have been posted.

We are soliciting your views as to how we may best prevent this and keep this forum a valuable resource for your use. We have a policy of free posting for all componenets on the site, but with the exception of this forum simple registration is required. For registration, we ask just a few questions, see below, and we limit the use of your information. We simply ask for the demographics of our audience, similar to industry magazines. Registration asks for verification of a valid email address so we can track issues that may lead to problems.

For 11 years we have been fortunate to have so few problems with the forum, but now it is time for you the users to send us your thoughts. We want to have as few impediments to site usage / forum participation as practical.


Individual Registration Information for SMTnet: Name Email Address Job Category Company Name Username/Password

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Forum Spam | 8 February, 2007

Would it be practical to require a verification of the registering e-mail? Send an activation code to the e-mail provided that needs to be entered the first time the account is set-up.


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Forum Spam | 9 February, 2007

You could also put one of those computer un-readable codes that have to be entered to verify it is an actual person regestering.

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Forum Spam | 12 February, 2007

Tha type of stuff (distorted words, email address verification) possibly stops automatic computer generated spam, but as explained to me on another forum, even with those registration steps in place, there are real people out there that are paid for every registration they can make on forums, for the purpose of posting spam.

However, a site with no registration required is just candy to them, so having registration would hopefully slow it down at least.

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