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Blindage soldering

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Blindage soldering | 8 February, 2007

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know how could be soldered shield (blindage) in SMT process ( SMT components inside), moreover that the SMT is double sided. I wonder how could be placed a component with H3xi21xL34 dimensions , and how capable will be the process. What will happen during reflow with surrounding SMD component and the component inside blinkage! or Maybe SMT is not the right process! Actually, many questions appeared in my head. Please could anyone shed any light on the subject.

Thanks and Regards,

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Blindage soldering | 8 February, 2007

Your risk is very high that the solder paste on the blind parts will dryout and hole the parts to the board but not actually reflow. They will pass electrical test but fall off in the real world. Blind soldering is a very high risk process.

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Blindage soldering | 9 February, 2007

Look for a new shield. For the exact reason already mentioned, most shields are available in two piece units. You install the frame when installing everything else... You clip the top on later.

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Blindage soldering | 9 February, 2007

I think it depends on the shield and how it is configured. If your shield has some openings and your placement process is good, you can try it and see how it goes. I place small shields on small PCBs (1" X 2") and have no problems. There are 20 mil pitch MLFs (QFNs)under the shield also.

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