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stange problem

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stange problem | 3 February, 2007

Hello to all. I have faced with a strange problem with Universal machine GSM Genesis, After an 8 hours of production without a Stop then, the M/C starts displaying components non aailable for many feeders in the same feeder bank! eventhough the feeder is good and the component is available in the exact track of the feeder. and then the machine will reject a very big quantity from those feeders. I don't know why ?????? When I tried to chack the data base ( comp database ) feeder data base and nozzles it is ok . But the machine continue to reject components. this occurs approximately on a specific time arond after 8 hours and half of a on stop production. When I shut down and restart the machine again and re load the product it works a properly without any problem. I tried to reload the product again without resting the machine but it didn't give any results. I add to you attention my friends that I have just replaced the EPC16 for this machine. and also this happen just for Beam 2 Head 2, with head one it works perfect. I need your help asap because this makes disturbe the production one time per day for 20 MIN. best regards and wishes.

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stange problem | 5 February, 2007

What type of head? Do you have trouble changing nozzles with that head?

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stange problem | 7 February, 2007

You might get more answers if you write something that shortly describes the basic of your problem and possible equipment in the Subject area, instead of "Strange problem". See it as a Topic of the contents of the thred. I hate when I need to open up some threads just to find out that it was nothing for me:)

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