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CP4 Placement/Pickup Height

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CP4 Placement/Pickup Height | 1 February, 2007

I was doing a PM on our CP4-2 and decided to check the placement height of every nozzle. (we're seeing some skewed components and a lot of dropout under stn. 1) I put a dial guage under the nozzle tip at stn 7, turned placing sol on, and checked every .7 nozzle. I was suprized at the the results. I'm seeing a variation of .25 to .3mm between the highest and lowest nozzle. some are higher, and some are lower..only a few measured the same. I'm not an expert with the CP4, but I didn't notice any kind of shaft height adjustment ... the only thing I can think of that would affect placement height is worn out rubber clutches, different sized nozzles, worn our nozzle locks, or actual differences in shaft length. All of the rubber clutches on the nozzle shafts are brand new, most of the nozzles are new from the same vendor, and the little locks for the nozzles look to be okay. So I'm lost on this one...I don't know how to correct this problem. The only thing I can think of is setting the pickup and Z0 height to the shortest head, and have the rest of the nozzles depress..I don't know if this is the best method.. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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CP4 Placement/Pickup Height | 2 February, 2007

Daxman, Have you eliminated nozzle variation? The difference between a new and used CP6 nozzle can be .15mm. On a CP4 I would think it could be more. On new Cp4 nozzles the difference in effective nozzle length should not be more than .04mm. You can do a rough check of this with a dial indicator and and a v-block on a surface plate. Doing the height check you described with the same nozzle in the 12 positions will tell you if the machine is out of adjustment. Some one else will have to help you with fixing that. FredC

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CP4 Placement/Pickup Height | 2 February, 2007

Hey, thanks for the reply. I decided to check the tops of the clutches at station 8, and there is .16mm of variation between the highest and lowest clutch. It's weird because they are all new. If the tops of the clutches have variation, I'm sure to see it on the nozzle tip. So now, I'm not sure why new clutches would cause this variation.

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CP4 Placement/Pickup Height | 2 February, 2007


Make sure the clutches engage the nozzle holders properly. Sometimes the holders do not slip into the recess of new clutches as easily as they should.


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CP4 Placement/Pickup Height | 5 February, 2007

Take the nozzles out and let the indicator tip touch the metal face the nozzle pushes up into. This will tell you whether the variation is in the shaft or the nozzles.

Also while your indicator is touching the holder, manually grab the shaft assy and move it up and down. You should see no play.

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CP4 Placement/Pickup Height | 7 February, 2007

It's been a while on that platform, but isn't there supposed to be a 0.3mm nozzle compliance when at Z0?

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