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Fuji IP-1 cycle alarm Z axis

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Fuji IP-1 cycle alarm Z axis | 31 January, 2007

The continuing saga - we got the IP-1 communicating with the MCS16 again by replacing a couple of chips on the VME1152 CPU board and now it's working again but have a new problem. The machine stops about every other time when changing nozzles with a "Cycle Alarm" error. Hopefully someone can shed some light on what to do.

Here are the details:

1) The Z axis works fine for picking and placing parts. 2) Stops with Cycle Alarm error after returning the nozzle and starting the Z axis upstroke on it's way to pick up the next nozzle. The Z axis only goes up a little bit before stopping. 3) After raising the Z axis 1/2 inch or so using the Z axis inching key and pressing START allows the machine to continue with the next nozzle as though nothing had happened. 4) The Z axis seems to go up and down smoothly.

Anyone have a suggestion or idea what to check?



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Fuji IP-1 cycle alarm Z axis | 31 January, 2007

Is it the same nozzle every time? I would check that the shaft is hitting dead center (it could be binding)on the nozzles (especially if it only happens on 1 nozzle). Also check the rollers on the shaft (that hold the nozzle) and make sure they line up and are working properly. I had this problem a long time ago but I think the fix was one of the things I mentioned.

good luck, pr

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Fuji IP-1 cycle alarm Z axis | 1 February, 2007

Hi pr,

The problem was happening on all three of the nozzles that we were using, about half the time the Z axis would rise up and go for the next nozzle and the other half it would stop almost as soon as it released the nozzle.

When I inch the Z axis up the nozzle doesn't wiggle as far as I can see.

What is this about rollers on the shaft? How can I tell if they line up?



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