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OA Pb-Free Paste

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OA Pb-Free Paste | 25 January, 2007

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good OA Pb-Free Paste? We are currently doing Pb-Free with a No-Clean that we are very happy with but we are going to start coming out with products with RF and I have researched that No-Clean residue and RF don't go together well. I know I could clean the No-Clean but that would require a new board washer as our current washer doesn't have seperation and is closed loop. I know many of you will say I need to run my own testing and I will but I am looking to narrow the field of candidates.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

James Seagle

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OA Pb-Free Paste | 25 January, 2007

I have not found a good one yet.

Please post with any leads, I will do same


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OA Pb-Free Paste | 26 January, 2007

Good Afternoon,

We are using Kester 520A. It has worked well for us so far.

Good Luck


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OA Pb-Free Paste | 27 January, 2007


Why is no-clean and rf not considered to be a good process?


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OA Pb-Free Paste | 29 January, 2007

Some NC gunk is somewhat prone to raising a ruckus with rf circuits. Here's a smattering of info. re: that. It's been discussed and is present in the archives in a number of threads.

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OA Pb-Free Paste | 9 February, 2007

So I take it no one is doing this or they don't want to share their secret recipe ;-)

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OA Pb-Free Paste | 10 February, 2007


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