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X-RAY | 11 January, 2007

Is there anyone that knows what kind of radiation meter to use on a CRX-2000, X-ray machine?

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X-RAY | 11 January, 2007

I am sure that the manufactureer of the machine would know


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X-RAY | 12 January, 2007

Generally most use people use the badges that you wear and then send in for analysis.

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X-RAY | 12 January, 2007

Radiation survey meters: *,GGLC:1969-53,GGLC:en&q=Radiation+Survey+Meters+


We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

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X-RAY | 12 January, 2007

We use the dosimeter badges and also check every morning with the machine at full power using a handheld meter around the door openings and glass just to be safe. JD

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X-RAY | 12 January, 2007

For insurance purposes we verification... Here is a snippet from Glenbrooks website.


Design Safety Standards The design safety standards pertaining to Industrial X-ray Inspection Systems can be found in "Code of Federal Regulations" 21 CFR Subchapter J, Part 1000 which is obtainable from: The U.S. Government Printing Office Superintendent of Documents Mail Stop: SSOP Washington, D.C. 20402-9328

Part 1020.40 c1 of this publication reads: "Radiation emitted from the cabinet x-ray system shall not exceed an exposure of 0.5 milliroentgens (mR) in one hour at any point five centimeters outside the external surface." (Note: normal background radiation is approximately 0.02 mR/hr at sea level and approximately 0.5 mR/hr in a plane at cruising altitude during the day.)

Particular State or Governmental regulations should be obtained by contacting the Radiation Control Agency of your state or country.

X-ray Inspection Systems must be registered with your state or governing agency. In many cases, Glenbrook can help you by providing registration forms and/or contact information.

Radiation Monitoring Your specific radiation control agency has established specific guidelines regarding the monitoring of possible radiation leakage from industrial x-ray inspection systems. There are a number of measures recommended to provide a means of radiation leakage monitoring.

Dosimeter Badges Dosimeter badges can be placed by the equipment or worn by the individual operator to constantly record the integrated x-ray dose. At the end of the reporting period, a replacement dosimeter is received and the recording dosimeter returned to the dosimeter service company. A report is issued tabulating any x-ray dose received.

A dosimeter service is most useful in that written records are established for the facility, documenting that no radiation leakage has occurred.

Enjoy, cal

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I aM Borko | 12 January, 2007

We put lunches next to x-Rays,

I am BOrko.

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X-RAY | 12 January, 2007

What type of machine do you use to check every morning and do you pay for the badges annualy and per person?

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