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Fuji GP-341

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Fuji GP-341 | 9 January, 2007

Hi All,

I'm having a problem with a Fuji GP-341. It has squeegee pressure control using a TEAC TD-320A comparator. I cannot get it to measure printing pressure. On the TD-320A it normally reads "2512" then flips to "oFl4" then back to "2512".

If I perform the Printing Pressure Measurement steps from the GP 2/3 operation manual the reading goes to "2767" while the blade is down then returns to the 2512/oFl4 reading. After a short delay I get an error message "PRESS SET L(R) NG" depending on which side I try to measure. The books do not give much info on this system and Fuji wants me to register the machine before technical support. I wouldn't mind paying Fuji if I knew they could solve the problem. They have not been much help on older machines lately. I isolated one squeegee side at a time and I get the same reading so I believe the transducers are OK. Has anyone come across this before? I'm hoping the TD-320A just needs to be calibrated but I'm not sure. Thanks for any help you can provide. Jerry

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Fuji GP-341 | 16 January, 2007

Pay up and get the info directly from Fuji.Its worth it in the end. Loop hole, purchase Flexa software and you get machine support.

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Fuji GP-341 | 16 January, 2007

I got a manual for the TEAC unit (free from TEAC). Calibrated the unit to their specifications and it works properly now.

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