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BGA Pad damage

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BGA Pad damage | 8 December, 2006

Hi Guys / Gals, just curious as to how some of you approch BGA pad damage? (ie broken or lifted pads) Also, what kind of success rate have you found with your method?

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BGA Pad damage | 9 December, 2006



BGA Pad damage | 11 December, 2006

See before cversus after pics on BGA pad repair here:

The "how to" instructions for traces (and pads) is here:

The skill level required is high for this repair. Make sure you use the epoxy method of pad repair found in IPC 7721. This will insure a pull strength near that of a bare baord.


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BGA Pad damage | 21 December, 2006

Send it to the BGA Rework Specialists at:

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