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Profiling Vapour Phase System

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Pete B


Profiling Vapour Phase System | 30 November, 2006

I am in the process of characterising a new vapour phase reflow system and am interested to learn if anyone out there has ever come across time/temperature datalogging equipment capable of being run through the entire process (including vacuum) along with the assembly being profiled. The equipment would have to be capable of withstanding a process vapour temp. of 240 deg. C for approx 90 seconds.

We use various manufacturer's equipment for convection reflow equipment to good effect, but as these are not fully sealed (even when in their thermal jackets) therefore they are unsuitable as the condensing vapour could enter, potentially damaging the electronics by overheating etc..

Currently I am trying to make do with trailing thermocouples attached to reference assemblies but this is impractical in the longer term as there are various shutter mechanisms etc. within the process that make entrapment of these trailing wires a distinct possibility.

Here's hoping someone else has come across this application and can help.

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Profiling Vapour Phase System | 30 November, 2006

Pete, We have 2 Vapor Phase ovens and use a profiler from Data Pak that has a sleeve that seals out the Vapor for these ovens. This is pretty much the only system that we have found for these kinds of ovens. Contact them and they will hook you up.Thanks John

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Profiling Vapour Phase System | 30 November, 2006

Cooking bags. The ones for "large bird game" work very well. I believ I got them from Hormel. They are not ESD approved, but your thermal recorder should come out dry and well browned.

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