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Circuit Cam Documentation software

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Circuit Cam Documentation software | 1 November, 2006

We are looking at buying Circuit Cam documentation software. The documentation side is our primary need with a requirement to document from start to finish including box build. I have read past posts that were complimentary of the software. Has anything changed? To me it is still quite pricey. Are there other options that I should look at or can a person buy a license from a manufacturer that is no longer using it? Thanks in advance for any input.

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Circuit Cam Documentation software | 1 November, 2006

We are also somewhat looking into this software. We had the reps come do a quick presentation on it. Very impressed with what I saw.

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Circuit Cam Documentation software | 2 November, 2006

As you can see in the past forums I have said many good things on this software and tech support. If you want to contact me on more questions feel free and email me . I use Circuitcam for documentation and preprogramimng to Flexa for the machines. As for any new comments there is nothing more to say than this is a very good software to use. I can say from a multiple person house that will use this I dont know considering I'm the only one here that touches this software.

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Circuit Cam Documentation software | 3 November, 2006

Great software and support. It is pricey as you said. We have 3 dongles and use the software for documentation and programming of Quad, Universal and CS400 equipment. We are a military contract manufacturer and always get great reviews of our Work Instructions.

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Circuit Cam Documentation software | 6 November, 2006

Hey Matt why don't you just do the network version and would probably be good for you. I think you have to own at least two dongles than you can upgrade to network license for Circuitcam.

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