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ERSA Hotflow7

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ERSA Hotflow7 | 11 October, 2006

Hi all. We have problem with ERSA Hotflow7 oven. If PCB go by oven temperature in first zone descend down approx. 15�C. Can anybody help me. Thanks.

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ERSA Hotflow7 | 16 October, 2006

Hi Stano You put "cold" PCB into the oven. What do you expect? Of course the temperature will go down. I don't think it affects the final result of soldering.

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ERSA Hotflow7 | 16 October, 2006

Wow, 15 degrees C is too much. Is this a new problem or new oven?

If it's a new problem several things you can check out. Thermocouple placement may have got knocked into the wrong spot, or it could be dirty. I've seen this happen after a PM and a blob of grease landed on the thermocouple. It could be a thermocouple going bad. It could be an I/O card going bad. Try checking/replcing the thermocouple first. If not, swap I/O cards from another zone and see if the problem follows the card.

If it's a new a oven, then you have a problem with the oven.

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ERSA Hotflow7 | 24 April, 2008

Can somebody help me? I have an Ersa Flow 7 but the hard drive from the PC is completely damage. I need a copy of the software in order to get my machine running but I do not want to pay Ersa for all kinds of fees to get a copy. I do not mind paying as long as is cheap. Thanks.

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ERSA Hotflow7 | 24 April, 2008

Don't know that oven or if the layout is similar at all to a Heller, but in our 1500s you could lose a blower and not get an alarm until a large board blocked vertical airflow.

At that point the thermocouple in the faulty zone would then lose heat moving from the opposing zone's frantically compensating heating element and trip the alarm.

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ERSA Hotflow7 | 7 May, 2008

hi send me your contact info to and i will sort you out by return

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