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Quad 4c Nozzle Height Saga

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Quad 4c Nozzle Height Saga | 10 October, 2006

Hi All,

I wasn't sure how this would turn out until I ran some production. As I suspected, after every nozzle change the machine dumps the first 3 pickups, checks the nozzle height again (function 30?) and then begins placing with correction with no problems (except for the rare bad pickup). I've done all the recommended stuff. Disassemble, cleaned, and lubricated the spline shaft, vacuum lines, Z-rod o-rings, etc. I've checked the nozzle heights before and after pressing them on after pickup. Each nozzle reports a different height, but it doesn't change for a specific nozzle. At least I was able to organize the sequence program so that the only wasted parts were .1 uF 1206's.

What else could it be? Is there a way to change the number of retries for the laser align? Thanks, Larry

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Quad 4c Nozzle Height Saga | 10 October, 2006

Larry, I have had this problem in the past. It turns out that there wasn't enough "Z" on our nozzle pickup locations. When a nozzle change occured the nozzle would not be fully seated on the Z-rod. When the Z-rod is driven down to pick the first part it fully seats the nozzle. Now when the laser looked for a part it would shoot under the part and reject it. After 3 tries it re inspects the nozzle (function 30)and since the nozzle is now fully seated it can find a part.

Try adding some Z to your nozzle pickups

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Quad 4c Nozzle Height Saga | 10 October, 2006

Larry, Do a runstep nozzle then open the door and look and see if the nozzle is all the way on. Push up on it and see if it moves up

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